Fandoms: EVERY THING. Okay, not reallty. Right now, I'm into Free!, Shingeki No Kyojin, Teen Wolf and Legend of Korra, so that's what you'll see the most of. No apologies.
I Have Unnatural Curiosity

Chad. 22. Jamaican. Asexual.

Mostly fandom, SJ when I'm angry.

As you can tell by my blog title, Sokka is me. Or maybe I am Sokka. It depends.

I used to write Essays on A:TLA and Korra in my spare time, but all of that energy goes to actually writing a book, so I have less time. I might just vomit something every now and then, though.

One day I’m going to go through every episode and document every instance of two characters ending up in this position.

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